Ducamar Spain S.L.U. 

C/Heros 16

48009 Bilbao
Bizkaia / Spain

Tel.: +34 946 545 835

Fax.: +34 851 000 773 



Welcome to Ducamar Spain


Ducamar Spain S.L.U. is dedicated to export & distribution of Frozen Fish & Seafood, commercializing fish exclusively from Spanish fishing Vessels and local fish auction.  We supply processing plants, distributors and retail chains. Our product range consists of Spanish Local Catches FAO 27 and Fish from International  Waters caught by Spanish vessels. We offer bulk packed frozen fish for further processing and also retail packing according to the customers´ needs.






  • Added Value Products: Fillets, Steaks, Breaded & Battered Products .

Products for African market:



Products from Russian Fishing Vessels

  • Alaska Pollock (Theragra chalcogramma), Commander Squid (Berryteuthis magister), Threadfin hakeling (Laemonema longipes), Pacific SardinePacific herring (Clupea pallasii), Grenadier (makrurus), Atka mackerel (Pleurogrammus monopterygius)



Our company culture strongly believe in Kaizen methodology and putting in the first place a Corporate Social Responsibility and Service to the customer. Driven by a motto "We Live to Give" our vision is to offer through a culture of Honor, Discipline, Constancy and Teamwork the best possible service.

“It´s not the strongest nor the most intelligent of the species that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” 

Charles Darwin

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