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Added Value Products

Fillets, Steak, Breaded & Buttered Seafood

In this section, we can see other frozen fish and products, such us ...



We supply a wide range of Added Value Products, Steaks, Fillets, Breaded and Buttered Products.

BlueFin Tuna (Sashimi)
"Thunnus thynnus" Plato Saku
Red Tuna Antioxidant
Thunnus albacares (Sashimi Quality)
Yellowfin Tuna Loin
Thunnus albacares
CO Premium YF Tuna Loins
Thunnus albacares
Hake Pieces
hubbsi / capensis
Buttered Squid Rings
different varieties
Carp Pituitary Extract
Carp hypophysis (Cyprinus carpio)
Anchovy Paste
Engraulis encrasicolus, Engraulis anchoita
Live Carp
Cyprinus carpio
Salmon Heads
Hake Tails
Merluccius hubbsi
Penaeus vannamei
Octopus Vulgaris
Trout fillets
Oncorhynchus mykiss
Ruvettus pretiosus
Chilean mussel
Mytilus chilensis
Frog legs
Hoplobatrachus Rugulosus
Perch Fillets
Lates Niloticus
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