Ducamar Spain S.L.U. 

C/Heros 16

48009 Bilbao
Bizkaia / Spain

Tel.: +34 946 545 835

Fax.: +34 851 000 773 


Spanish Local Catches

(FAO 27 N.Spain)

Atlantic Mackerel
Scomber scombrus
Chub Mackerel
Scomber japonicus
Horse Mackerel
Trachurus trachurus
European Sardine
Sardina pilchardus
Sarpa salpa
Boops boops
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We supply a wide range of main commercial species caught only locally in our fishing area FAO27 Northern Spain - Bay of Biscay therefore all fish is caught, processed and frozen within 24hours. The main species are:

Atlantic Mackerel - Chub Mackerel - Horse Mackerel - Bogue - Salema - European Sardines


The fish is bought from fish auctions, but always locally frozen by first class producers, to avoid additional transport and to reduce the time between catching and freezing of the fish to a minimum.