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Anchovy Paste

European anchovy, Argentine anchovy


The Anchovy Paste is made on the Cantabrian coast famous for its long tradition of anchovy production coupled with the use of innovative technology. The final Anchovy Paste is a product of both the highest quality and taste. The production meets EU and US regulations and is controlled by Hazard Analysis & Criticla Control Points (HACCP).


Plastic Barrel of 300kg

1 Pallet x 4 Barrels

Plastic Barrels of 150kg

1 Pallet x 5 Barrels

Plastic Bucket of 5kg

1 Pallet for 100 Buckets

Tubes of 60grs.

1 Carton Box x 100 Tubes



The Anchovy Paste is 100% natural and genetically not modified product.

Non additives: no colouring, no preservatives, no artificial flavouring. Rich in Calcium, Vitamins D and B12 and Fatty Acids, Polyunsaturates and Omega 3.


Engraulis encrasicolus (Linnaeus, 1758)

European anchovy

Engraulis anchoita (Hubbs & Marini, 1935)

Argentine anchovy

  • United Kingdom: Anchovy Paste

  • Spain: Sardina argentina , anchoa , pasta anchoa

  • France: Pâte d'anchois

  • Germany: Sardelle paste

  • Portugal: Pasta de anchovas

  • Poland: Pasta sardela

  • Austria: Sardelle

  • Belgium: Anchois

  • Bulgaria: Черноморска хамсия

  • Cyprus: γαύρος

  • Croatia: inćun

  • Denmark: Ansjos, europæisk ansjos

  • Slovakia: Ančovička európska , Sardela európska

  • Slovenia: sardon

  • Finland: Anjovis , Ansjovis

  • Greece: Γαύρος

  • Ireland: European anchovy , Ainseabhai Na Heorpa

  • Italy: Acciuga , Alice

  • Lithuania: europinis ančiuvis

  • Czech Republic: Anèovièka obecná , Anèovièka evropská

  • Romania: Hamsie

  • Sweden: Ansjovis

  • Algeria: Anchovba

  • Russia: Hamsa

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