Ducamar Spain S.L.U. 

C/Heros 16

48009 Bilbao
Bizkaia / Spain

Tel.: +34 946 545 835

Fax.: +34 851 000 773 


About Us

Ducamar Spain S.L. was originally set up in 2007 in Santander (Spain) to meet new demand for frozen Mackerels from fish factories in Central Europe. Over the Years with increasing demand we have moved to Bilbao (Vizcaya) and specialized apart from Atlantic Mackerel also in all the rest of locally caught species, in the fish caught by the Spanish fising fleet in International waters and also in Added value products such as Breaded products and Seafood mix.
All fish come from numerous fishing ports that surround the North and West coast of Spain (FAO 27) with the lead of the port of Vigo which is one of the biggest fishing ports in Europe.

Be the best . It´s the only market that´s not crowded.

Tom Peters